Tree of Life

For the past five months I have been busy working on a mosaic commissioned by the Mayor of Frodsham after he saw my work in an exhibition at Chester Cathedral. Mayor Cllr Mallie Poulton wanted a Tree of Life combined with a bee, the symbol of Frodsham. The mosaic was to be installed in St Laurence Parish Church, a beautiful Grade I listed building, to mark the end of his term of office and as a gift to his parish and the wider community.

The mosaic I have created measures 100cm x 80cm and is made of Italian vitreous glass in a variety of effects/finishes, Turkish recycled glass and gold smalti made by Orsoni of Venice.

In designing the mosaic, I wanted to create a Tree of Life that was colourful and vibrant. I loved making the butterflies and birds and I'm keen to make more mosaic birds in the future. The gold stars were inspired by the beautiful mosaics in the chapel at Eaton Hall, Chester. For further inspiration I looked at Ancient Egyptian art and the mosaics of Rome and Ravenna - the magnificent apse mosaic of San Clemente, Rome, with its complex, swirling Tree of Life, has always been a particular favourite of mine. The mosaic was an absolute joy to work on!

On Sunday 23rd April 2017, the completed mosaic was presented to the Frodsham community during a lovely St George's Day service at the church. Here are some images of a very special day:

Making the Frodsham Bee

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